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The red wine glass Soft of Chef & Sommelier offers a real world wine experience to explore all it's richness !
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The distinctive shape of the Soft glassaccentuates aromas of red berries and enhances the wines of delicate, refined and fleshy grapes such as Pinot noir and Zinfandel. This allows the subtlety of the silky tannins to emerge and guides the wine to the front third of the tongue while promotiong the fruit flavors.The collection made is out of Kwarx. The fine rims is 0.9 mm which guarantees a pleasant fell against lips. These glasses are suitable for tasting all types of young wine. The upper part of the bowl is rounded inwards, where the aromas are concentrated. The angle of the glass releases molecules. This wine glass has smooth lines. It has a flat base, easier to stable the glass and there is no depressions in which water can gather after dishwashing.

The little detail : Due to its fairly bowl and tapered top, it's particularly suited for enhancing the qualities of powerfull tannic wines such as Cabernet or Merlot and preserves the aromatic richness of young wines.

The Open Up of Chef & Sommelier includes red wine glasses ; white wine ; champagne glasses , whiskey glasses, cognac glasses and water glasses .

Additional Information
Additional Information
Capacity 47.00 cl
Height 22.50 cm
Manufacturer SKU U1012
EAN Barcode 0026102878552
Weight 1.57 kg
Country of Manufacture France
  • Krysta Superior Strength

  • Complete Transparency (Krysta)

  • Krysta Perfect Acoustics

  • Longlasting brilliance Krysta