Our Brands at Arc

Simple, trendy and smart


Luminarc incorporates the French art of living into everyday life.
When Jacques Durand founded Luminarc in 1948, he wanted to offer his customers from all over the world the best products at affordable prices.

Today, Luminarc is renewing this commitment with simple, trendy and smart products. Luminarc continues to bring quality to the world's tables and kitchens so that everyone can enjoy the very best of French style.

Creating experiences


Chef&Sommelier™ presents various collections aimed at restaurants and private individuals. Inspired by an ever-changing world, Chef&Sommelier™ unveils products that are perfect for imaginative, sophisticated table settings, highlighting the pleasures of a unique sensory tasting experience!

Casual and elegant, since 1968


Cristal d’Arques Paris embodies French elegance and affordable beauty. While staying true to its values and its expertise, the brand is now incorporating a casual yet elegant look, inspired by the French art of living. Drawing on its expertise, Cristal d’Arques Paris stays in tune with the mood of the moment and meets the needs of new tableware experiences.

Since 1958…


Arcopal, the "made in France" dinnerware range, has been having a real love affair with consumers since 1958. All over the world, the brand has become synonymous with opal! Arcopal embodies solidity, simplicity and... childhood memories. The secret of this success story? Over 60 years of love!