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More than just a trend boho chic is a lifestyle !

If you're seeking authenticity and softness, the boho chic trend is perfect for you! It is full of organic shapes, natural materials and apparent simplicity. This return to the source results in beautiful irregular lines, as if created by nature. Materials used include linen, raffia and rattan. For colours, soft, warm tones are celebrated. Mixed together, both warmth and texture are the main characteristics. Soothing and in tune with the times, this trend has beautiful days ahead!

L'art et la matiere
l'art et la matiere
l'art et la matiere

The perfect mix of athenticity and modernity !

Create contrasts by placing Ammonite plates directly onto a bare wood table. These opal glass plates have a delicate mineral colour and an irregular texture. The overall effect is subtle, as much to sight as to touch, and creates a unique and daring table design. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and tumblers from the Equip Home range all combine the originality of contemporary shapes with soft curves, resulting in a truly chic look that is understated.


Highlighting skilled manufacture

Shock- and scratch-resistant as well as light, Ammonite plates are made in opal glass, giving them a dense, deep colour that is superior to porcelain, for a most elegant effect on your table. Equip Home stemmed glasses are the result of real manufacturing skill. They are dishwasher-safe, and will not lose their shine, nor is there a risk of a stem breaking. The tumblers in the same range are stackable to save space on your shelves. Good to know: these products are designed and made in France!

l'art et la matiere
l'art et la matiere


More than just a trend, boho chic is a lifestyle!

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