Christmas decoration ideas





We share with you the new trends for Christmas 2021.

Over the last ten years, the decoration of the Christmas tree and our interiors has evolved. Gone are the traditional red baubles and green trees; black and white colours have invaded our homes and flats. The tableware has followed the same path.

white dinner plate

White is the first colour to appear in our homes.

White Christmas trees, polar decorations... winter white tableware and frosted stemware and water glasses are perfect for a snowy Christmas. Then, nowadays, elegance is invited to the table: black or marble-effect plates, glasses with golden or plain silver rims play on contrasts to bring a chic and sparkling look to the Christmas table.


Today, a new trend is bringing us closer to nature.

Based on eco-responsible consumption the green style is coming to us and to our tables: a nice mix of transparent tableware and glasses for the pure side, with a few touches of green to decorate the Christmas table in an eco-friendly way.

Choose the table that suits you and impress your guests!

Assiette transparente
verre à champagne


For all tables!

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