Lunch box, the essential for eating at work!




Ideal for home-made meal anywhere!

No more sandwiches, eat healthy and balanced by bringing your meals to your workplace in our lunch boxes or your soup and salads in our food storage containers. Designed specifically for transporting food, lunch boxes allow you to prepare your meals at home and enjoy them outside, hot, reheated in the microwave, or cold.

banniere lunch box
Lunch box
Lunch box

The lunch box to put in your bag for lunch

The Luminarc lunch box with its included cutlery allows you to take your meals everywhere, in nomadic mode. Made of glass and BPA-free, this food box preserves flavours, is suitable for microwave cooking and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Very practical, the 2-clip closure system ensures a perfect seal.
Its refrigerated version keeps your food fresh thanks to its built-in ice pack!


Take your soup or spring salad with you

Thanks to the different shapes and colours available in the Pure Box Active or Easy Box collections from Luminarc, food storage containers become a chic and trendy accessory.
Nomadic boxes are perfect for transporting your soup or any other dish in sauce, as they are leak proof! What's more, they are shock and heat resistant, and can also be used in the microwave to easily reheat your dishes.

Lunch box
Lunch box


for all your lunches!

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